Stella The Beluga Whale Passes Away at SeaWorld San Antonio

We are deeply saddened to share that Stella, a female beluga whale, passed away at SeaWorld San Antonio. Stella was born at SeaWorld San Antonio in 2013, where she was adored by her trainers and park guests. While her cause of death is not yet known, she was under treatment from the veterinary team for signs of gastrointestinal issues. The medical team will conduct a thorough analysis to learn more about her death, including a comprehensive post-mortem examination, which will yield results in six to eight weeks. In addition to inspiring millions of fans to care about her species, she also helped contribute to a greater understanding of beluga behavior in the scientific community. We are closely monitoring our seven belugas that live at SeaWorld San Antonio, who are all acting normally. We appreciate your support for Stella’s trainers and care staff, who are dealing with the loss of one of our family.

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