The Truth Behind PETA’s Quest for Sensationalism

PETA has sunk to a new low by renting an inappropriate and defamatory mobile billboard in their latest attempt to spread misinformation about SeaWorld.

While PETA wraps up another week of publicity stunts that do nothing to directly help animals, SeaWorld once again was leading the rescue, rehabilitation and return efforts for manatees, sea lions and other animals in need.

This week alone, our incredible Rescue Team has returned four manatees back to the wild after years of rehabilitation. Plus, we’re continuing to monitor and care for the California sea lion pup that was rescued from a San Diego restaurant.

sea lion Feature Image

And let’s not forget about other animals the SeaWorld teams have rescued over the last few months that we’re caring for right now, or the more than 28,000 rescues in our history.

And as if PETA’s actions aren’t already disgraceful, news reports indicate that they are spending thousands of dollars to spread this false information. That’s thousands of dollars that could have gone toward rescue, research and conservation and having a positive and direct impact on animals in need.

In fact, the next time PETA has a misguided idea like this, rather than try to sensationalize a false message, we invite them to put their money toward something that actually helps animals – like the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund.

Until then, we will continue to focus on providing meaningful and positive experiences in our parks, inspiring families and children to make a difference for wildlife and wild places.

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