Tilikum Tales, Directly From His Trainers

Each of the animals cared for at any one of the SeaWorld parks is a loved member of the SeaWorld family. And many of them, like Tilikum, have been members of this family for many years, and have touched and continue to touch the lives of our ambassadors, our trainers, our guests and even people who have never met them. 

Our trainers would all agree, working with these animals "isn’t a job...it’s a passion.” In fact, some of Tilikum’s trainers want to share that passion, along with some of their favorite Tilikum stories, with each and every one of you!

Here are a few of our Killer Whale trainers to share their Tilikum tales with you:

We are saddened to announce Tilikum passed away on January 6, 2017. Learn more about the life and care of Tilikum, https://www.seaworldcares.com/tilikum.

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