Update on Kasatka, SeaWorld San Diego's Killer Whale

August 1, 2016

Kasatka is the matriarch of our killer whale family at SeaWorld San Diego.  In her early 40s, she is a mom, grandmother, and is beloved by all her trainers and veterinarians.

We have been treating Kasatka for a bacterial respiratory infection for several years. Because of the great relationship she has with her trainers, Kasatka participates in her own husbandry and veterinary care where she is given her medications, both orally and through a nebulizer that allows the medicine to go directly to her lungs.

As Kasatka and her immune system age, she is having a more difficult time fending off the illness and her medication takes longer to have an effect.  However, our animal care team remains passionately committed to providing her the best possible care to ensure that her illness is properly managed and that she continues to live a quality life. 

She has good days and not-so-good days, but Kasatka is part of our family and there is nothing our trainers and veterinarians won’t do to provide her with treatment, comfort, love and care. Here’s a look at how Kasatka is doing:

Learn more about Kasatka, as well as the other orcas at SeaWorld, on the Orca Profile Pages.

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