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Inspiring people to care for and protect wild animals and wild places is at the core of what we do at SeaWorld. Our mission is to create "Experiences that Matter," and that starts with giving each of our guests the chance to explore the many wonders of our world. Here you can discover information about the world-class animal care we provide to each of the 85,000 animals that call SeaWorld home, read the latest news and updates from our parks, or learn about our orcas and the dedicated teams that care for them. 

The New SeaWorld

We’ve made historic announcements, including ending orca breeding, introducing new, inspiring & natural orca encounters, and new partnerships to protect oceans & marine animals.

SeaWorld Cares Blog

The SeaWorld Cares Blog brings you the latest information, straight from SeaWorld - from animal rescues and conservation initiatives to updates on what our ambassadors are up to.

What Others Say

Don’t just take it from us, check out these stories, news and opinions from independent third-parties, including journalists, moms, former employees and movie reviewers.

SeaWorld in the News

BREAKING NEWS! Get the latest SeaWorld headlines from media across the globe and help us share the amazing work that we're doing to protect wild animals and wild places.

Ask SeaWorld

Ever wonder what goes in to caring for 85,000 animals? Have questions about working with orcas, sea lions, and dolphins? Ask SeaWorld provides the answers to your questions.

Orca Profiles

Let us introduce you to our family. From the connections with the trainers that work with them to their favorite activities, learn all about the orcas that call SeaWorld home.

SeaWorld's Animal Care

Caring for thousands of animals, as well as the many we rescue every year, is quite an undertaking, and our passionate animal care team is among the best in the world.