SeaWorld Opposes Japanese Dolphin Hunts in Taiji

Updated September 29, 2016

The sad killing of dolphins and small whales in the Japanese drive hunts in Taiji has begun once again. Contrary to what you might hear from activists who want to mislead the public, SeaWorld is opposed to this horrific practice and not a single animal living in our parks came from a drive hunt. In fact, federal law prohibits bringing animals from this hunt into the United States.
President & CEO of SeaWorld Joel Manby and President of the Humane Society of the United States Wayne Pacelle recently discussed the Taiji drive hunts in a joint letter that was published in the Tampa Bay Times. You can read that letter here.
You can also hear from SeaWorld Orlando’s Zoological Vice President as he discusses this practice and why SeaWorld is opposed to it.

Additionally, many people have asked about the position of the International Marine Animals’ Trainers Association (IMATA) regarding the drive hunts. According to that organization, “IMATA strongly opposes the mass slaughter of whales and dolphins that occur in drive fisheries, and is dedicated to advancing humane care of marine animals in zoological settings.” You can read more about IMATA's position on these drive hunts here

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