It’s the First Ever Walrus Awareness Week!

December 8, 2016

By: Gabriella, Guest Kid Blogger

Editor's Note: The following is from Gabriella, a guest kid blogger who wants to work with animals at SeaWorld when she grows up. She wants to learn everything she can about animals and where they live in the ocean. She likes sharing what she learns at SeaWorld with her friends and readers like you! She's hopes you'll join her in protecting our marine animal friends together.

Walruses are really big and live in the Arctic. They are very interesting animals and we should learn about them so we can help keep them safe.  

I went to SeaWorld San Diego and learned all about the two walruses that live there, Mitik and Chouchou, from their animal care specialists. This week is the first ever Walrus Awareness Week so I’m telling all my friends about walruses.

Walruses are pinnipeds and have a torpedo-shaped body so they can swim really fast. They are faster in the water but also get out and rest on land.

Male walruses are bigger than the females and can weigh more than 3,500 pounds. Both males and females have tusks.

Walruses eat meat (which makes them carnivores) and use their whiskers (which look like fingers) to locate their food. The whiskers look sharp but are really soft.


A really neat thing I learned is that a walrus can stay under water for a very long time. They can hold their breath for about 10 minutes. Their deepest dive observed was 25 minutes!


Walruses only have two natural predators: the polar bear and killer whale. Climate change and hunters are other threats to walruses. Mitik and Chouchou are helping teach everyone about walruses. The people that take care of them get to talk to people about them too.


We don’t really don’t know how many walruses there are in the wild because it’s hard to get their actual numbers. But it’s important for us to learn about walruses to help protect them in their natural environment.

How are you helping to raise awareness on walruses?

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