Protecting and Restoring Our Local Environment

December 5, 2016 

Erosion has caused many issues in the Tampa Bay area. From lost habitats to a decrease in the shoreline, erosion is an issue that people need to develop solutions to. 

This is where the Tampa Bay Watch comes in. This nonprofit organization works towards the protection and restoration of the Tampa Bay estuary. As one of the nonprofits the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund supports, the organization works towards educating the public and utilizing volunteers to help our environment. The organization works on many different projects including cleaning up marine debris and planting salt marshes. 


Recently, ambassadors from Busch Gardens Tampa Bay volunteered with the Tampa Bay Watch to help build an oyster shell bar. 


Artificial oyster shell bars help increase water filtration capacity, promote sub-tidal seagrass stabilization and create a sanctuary for wildlife. To create an artificial oyster shell bar, marine-friendly mesh bags are filled with oyster shells and placed on the shoreline. 

The Busch Gardens Tampa Bay volunteers spent several hours shoveling oyster shells into bags until they were full. The volunteers then carried the 30-pound bags onto a boat. Finally, once they were at the priority restoration site, the volunteers unloaded the bags onto the shoreline. 


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