7 Times Once in a Lifetime Connections were made at SeaWorld

SeaWorld is a place where people from all around the globe can come and experience the wonders of our wild world. We believe that one moment can spark a lifetime of  passion for animals, conservation, and care.

Was it the first time you experienced the power and grace of a killer whale? Or maybe the first time you saw a dolphin at underwater viewing? Whatever that moment was for you, we’re betting your life hasn’t been the same since.

Check out 7 times guests just like you were caught on camera making lasting connections with the animals at SeaWorld.

  1. When this guest was reminded that life should be treasured by creating a connection through interacting with the animals!


  2. When this guest brought a friend to join them in learning and being inspired!


  3. When this guest got to have some interaction and connection with a Stingray that will leave a lasting impression!


  4. When this guest got some one on one bonding with the dolphins!


  5. When this guest got an epic encounter telling of the wild places that are out there!


  6. When this guest formed a playful friendship with one of the dolphins!


  7. When the connection this guest got was an experience you can’t get from opening up a book.


What was the moment that mattered for you? Share yours today at SeaWorld.com/realamazing.

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