Check Out Who's Rocking a Brand New Coat of Feathers

January 25, 2017

Do you remember our friend Wonder Twin? We introduced the 26 year-old female Adelie penguin to the world this past October when she began experiencing some unexpected feather-loss. This type of feather loss, which can occur both in human care and in the wild, can be detrimental for penguins given their cold living environment.

But not at SeaWorld!

Members of the animals care and veterinary staff teamed up with SeaWorld’s costume department to outfit Wonder Twin with her very own wetsuit. Not only was the wetsuit adorable -  it also allowed Wonder Twin to get back into the water and interacting with her fellow penguins.



After a couple of months wearing her specially made wetsuit, Wonder Twin has grown back her feathers. The wetsuit, specially made by SeaWorld Orlando, helped keep Wonder Twin’s body temperature regulated while also allowing her time to let her feathers grow back.


We are so happy to have this special member of the SeaWorld family fully rehabilitated and back to her normal self. This inspiring story is just one of many that highlight the amazing veterinary and animals care that is provided to all animals that call SeaWorld home.

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