Did You Know? SeaWorld San Diego Also Helps Frogs Out!

January 25, 2017

By: Gabriella, Guest Kid Blogger Editor's 

Note: The following is from Gabriella, a guest kid blogger who wants to work with animals at SeaWorld when she grows up. She wants to learn everything she can about animals and where they live in the ocean. She likes sharing what she learns at SeaWorld with her friends and readers like you! She's hopes you'll join her in protecting our marine animal friends together.

SeaWorld San Diego has a lot of marine animals but also they have land animals and amphibians like frogs!

When I was at SeaWorld, I met Briana and she taught me all about her conservation project with frogs. There were frogs that needed to be relocated from one area of the park to another, so she asked if she could help organize them by their species and learn about them. Now she has lots of frogs and is learning more and more every day! Briana is very happy because she is helping to teach people about frogs and how to help make sure some endangered species do not go extinct.


Different frogs need different things like temperature, habitats and food. The frogs learned to lay their eggs in cups to turn into tadpoles. 


When the tadpoles grow into frogs, they are moved to their habitats. 


There are many different kinds of frogs and some are critically endangered, like the mantella aurantiaca (also known as the golden mantella). It took four years for Briana to figure out how to breed them and get tadpoles. She said she didn’t stop trying because she was so inspired to help a critically endangered frog.

The tree frogs are really fun to watch because they have sticky feet to help them climb.  


SeaWorld also grows their own flies to feed the frogs! 


The project started really small but now the frogs are helping teach people about conservation. It’s really neat that Briana started working with frogs because she just wanted to learn and now she’s helping protect them in the wild too!

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