Five Ways to be Green in 2017

By: Gabriella, Guest Kid Blogger Editor's 

Note: The following is from Gabriella, a guest kid blogger who wants to work with animals at SeaWorld when she grows up. She wants to learn everything she can about animals and where they live in the ocean. She likes sharing what she learns at SeaWorld with her friends and readers like you! She's hopes you'll join her in protecting our marine animal friends together.

It’s a new year and we should all be making changes to help the environment and animals. I have five easy ways for you to help take care of the world and oceans.

1) Use your car less.


Pollution in the air from vehicles can make the water unsafe for animals. It also might be causing the ice up in the Arctic to melt quicker. Try walking, or riding your bike or scooter instead of riding in a car. If you are going somewhere close, ask if you can go on a family walk instead of taking the car.

2) Use reusable snack bags.


I bring a snack to school every day. If the plastic bags don’t make it to the garbage they could end up in the ocean and hurt animals. Turtles see plastic bags and think they are jelly fish. I’m using a reusable snack bag instead of plastic!

3) Use your own shopping bags. 

When your family is grocery shopping, you should bring your own reusable bags so you don’t have to bring home more plastic bags to throw away.

4) Bring your own water bottle.

Last year, I did a 30-day water bottle challenge to use a reusable water bottle and say no to plastic bottles. It was so easy. My family brings our own bottles everywhere so we don’t have to buy a water bottle when we are thirsty. We just fill them up at water fountains.

5) When you see someone doing something good for animals, tell them “Good job!” 

It’s nice to tell people when they are doing a good job so they keep doing it and feel happy! Try these five easy things to help take care of our Earth this year. Ask a friend to do the same!

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