Grace and Logan Visit SeaWorld!

January 24, 2017

Grace's favorite place on Earth is SeaWorld San Diego. She loves interacting with the animals, learning new and fun facts about them, and enjoys the experiences the park has to offer. 

Grace was recently diagnosed with dermatomyositis - a condition that causes severe muscle and joint weakness. Because most of the pain is in her hips and legs, walking and standing, especially for long periods of time, can be quite challenging for her. Grace has also spent the past few months in and out of the hospital for intensive medical treatments. 

Additionally, her five-year-old brother, Logan, was recently diagnosed with a large cyst on his brain, which causes seizures and other neurological issues. He, too, has spent much of the past few months at the doctor and hospital receiving extensive neurological testing. 

Knowing how much a trip to SeaWorld would brighten the siblings’ day during a very difficult time, their parents planned a visit to the park, which kept their family cheery and upbeat in the hospital. Watch the video and see how for just one day, Grace and Logan forgot what it meant to be sick.

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