California Student Teams Up with SeaWorld to Give an Injured Sea Bird a Second Chance at Life

What would YOU do if you saw a distressed bird? For Dachel, a seventh grader at Feaster Charter School, when she found an injured western gull on her school’s campus, she know exactly what to do.  She rescued it.  The school then called SeaWorld’s Rescue Team who brought the bird to its Oiled Wildlife Care Center for rehabilitation.

Western Gull

With a hook in one of its wings and a ruptured mouth due to fishing lines, veterinarians and animal medical staffers treated the injured sea bird for two weeks. The gull needed antibiotics, rehydration stabilizing fluids, anti-inflammatory treatment and some good old-fashioned TLC before making a full recovery.

Once the gull was eating on its own and healthy, experts knew it was time to return this bird back to the wild. And, of course, Dachel was invited to assist with the release of the bird she so bravely rescued.  

The sad truth is injuries like the ones this sea bird sustained are caused by human activities and are preventable. Each of us has an important role to play in protecting these animals, and each of us can make a few small changes that can make a big impact. For instance, it’s important to properly dispose of trash and use biodegradable fishing line so that birds and other marine animals are not injured by it. You can learn more about the impact humans have made on animals in the wild here.

If you do see an ill or injured animal in the San Diego area, call SeaWorld’s Rescue Hotline at 800-541-SEAL. 

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