5 Things You Should Know So You Can Love Sharks

Let's jump right into it. Sharks get a bad rep - Thanks Jaws - But they really aren't all bad! We bet we can turn you from a scaredy shark to a shark lover in just 5 points. Ready, set, sharks!

1. Sharks don't have much of an appetite.


Cold-blooded animals have a much lower metabolism than warm-blooded animals. That being said, it has been shown that a shark eats about 1-10% of its total body weight each week.

2. They're energy efficient!


A shark has a fusiform body shape (In layman's terms: they have a rounded body and tapering at both ends) that reduces drag and requires minimum energy to swim.

3. Sharks can be vulnerable, too.


Sharks are vulnerable to overfishing. Because sharks are slow-growing and a female may only produce a few hundred pups or less in a lifetime, reduced populations can take years or decades to recover.

4. They don't exactly lead the pack...


Most sharks swim at speeds of less than 5 kph (around 3 mph). For the most part, bottom-dwelling sharks are slow-swimming. Fun Fact: Makos are known as some of the fastest sharks, reaching speeds up to 48 kph (30 mph) 

5. And finally, they're just not that into you.


Only 32 (of roughly 350) shark species have ever been known to attack people. But like many other predators, most sharks would really rather just avoid you. Shark attacks on people are usually just a mistaken identity for a seal or protecting their territory.

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