Checking in with Takara!

April 15, 2017

Time for another update on Takara! Anyone else getting anxious for this birth!?

A few things to know.

  • She’s in the home stretch! Throughout this last month, Takara has been monitored 24/7 to make sure that everything remains normal, and of course to keep an eye out for signs of labor!

  • She really blossomed! Staff are taking her measurements and weight more regularly to get a better idea of her development. So far, veterinarians estimate she has gained around 700 lbs!

  • Talk about a looong pregnancy...Takara is about 18 months along in her pregnancy (that means she was almost 6 months into her pregnancy when we announced the end of our orca breeding in March 2016 (Learn more about that announcement here).

  • She’s ready for this! According to Trainer Julie, she is doing fantastic! Takara is already an amazing mom, which can be seen everyday in her interactions with daughters Kamea and Sakari.

Watch the latest updates from Texas now.

For more on what else she’s been up to these past few weeks, click here!

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