First Manatee Calf Rescue of 2017

April 28, 2017 

It's been a few weeks since our last update but it looks like the cutest little manatee calf is progressing well at SeaWorld Orlando's Manatee Nursery.

While 1709 has been learning so many new things, she is currently being taught a signal that tells her when it is time for her bottle. One of the care team members will repeatedly tap the water, sending vibrations through the pool. 

Learning this signal is beneficial because 1709 is getting 8 bottles a day, around 1 liter of formula, and the care team needs a way to communicate to the calf that it's feeding time.  

1709 also has been marking major milestones on the food front, too! In addition for her base formula, the care team has been gradually adding in different oils that are helping her with her weight. She is almost at the full strength formula recipe with only one more oil to add in. As of today, the care team is happy to say that 1709 is on track for growth. You go girl!  

Check out just how they signal feeding time as well as some other milestones below!

April 11, 2017

In just four weeks the rescued orphaned manatee calf, now known to the SeaWorld staff at 1709 (17 for 2017 and 09 because she was the 9th manatee rescued this year!) has made incredible progress!

See for yourself.


1709 is now eating like a champ and has gained some weight. Weight gain will be the most important thing moving forward in 1709’s rehabilitation. As she continues with her rehabilitation, she’ll continue with the bottle feeding for a while, and eventually begin eating solid foods, like lettuce!

She still has a long way to go, but the dedicated team is on the case. Keep checking back with theSeaWorld Facebook page for more updates from the Manatee Rehabilitation Center!

March 24, 2017

Less than 3 months into the new year and the first rescued orphaned manatee calf of 2017 has arrived at SeaWorld Orlando.

The calf, estimated by veterinarians to be just a few days old, was found swimming alone and appeared to have been abandoned by her mother. The Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) exhausted all options in attempts to find the calf’s mother and reunite them but they were unsuccessful.

At that point, the orphaned calf was transported to SeaWorld Orlando to be cared for. Caring for manatee calves is hard work and requires round-the-clock care.

We know that this 60 pound manatee is ADORABLE but she also still in critical condition. Be sure to check our Facebook page for the next update on this adorable manatee calf!

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