Your First Look At Our Baby Orca!

April 19, 2017

We are excited to announce Takara gave birth to the newest member of the SeaWorld family of killer whales at 2:33 p.m. CST, Wednesday, April 19, at SeaWorld San Antonio. Veterinarians and killer whale trainers were present during this big day and are continuing to monitor Takara and her baby 24-hours a day.

According to the trainers, Takara has been an exceptional mom to all of her calves, and the same is true so far with her newest calf.

"Nothing can prepare you for that moment when mom helps the calf get to the surface for its first breath. The second the calf is born, Takara is 100% focused on its care and well-being. She knows exactly what to do. It is amazing,” said Julie Sigman, an Assistant Curator at SeaWorld San Antonio. Julie has been with Takara through three of her last pregnancies and births.

With this being the last killer whale birth at a SeaWorld park, this is the last opportunity for researchers to study orca development in ways that cannot be done in the wild, helping to conserve this amazing species. Information learned from Takara and her calf will add to SeaWorld’s extensive database about killer whales and their calves, which contribute directly to conservation efforts for populations, like the Southern Resident killer whales that are threatened by pollution, overfishing and human development.


You have the opportunity to visit Takara and her calf during select times at SeaWorld San Antonio. Check out the hours here before your visit and learn more about Takara and her calf here.

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