It’s a Double Return for the SeaWorld Orlando Rescue Team!

June 8, 2017

What’s better than one successful manatee return? TWO!

Yesterday started on a pretty amazing note with the SeaWorld Orlando Rescue Team returning not one, but TWO Florida manatees to the western waters of the Sunshine state.

Let's give them a round of applause!


One of the returned manatees, Rojo, has spent the past three months at the SeaWorld Orlando Manatee Rehabilitation Center after being rescued by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) in early March. Rojo was receiving treatment and supportive care for red tide toxicosis.  


Around 100 miles down the coast, Carvel, the second of the two manatee made its way back into to Florida waters. Carvel spent the last three months at the SeaWorld Orlando Manatee Rehabilitation Center recovering from appeared to be boat strike injuries. Not only did Carvel have four fractured ribs, but also air in his lungs which affecting his ability to dive as well as his buoyancy. 

Rojo and Carvel are two of more than 30,000 animals that have been cared for by the SeaWorld Rescue Team!

Learn more about SeaWorld’s work with manatees and remember, if you see an injured marine animal, you can help by calling the FWC hotline at 1-888-404-3922 or by dialing *FWC on a cellular device.

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