Pretty, Pretty... Predators

Don’t let these pretty faces fool you...

  1. Red-bellied piranha
    First up and the Most Photogenic of the bunch, the Red-bellied Piranha. Piranhas have earned themselves a top spot on this list because of their razor sharp teeth and their voracious appetites.

  2. Bull Shark
    Little fishies be... not concerned at all. Fun Fact, the diet of a bull shark consists mostly of other sharks

  3. Red Lionfish
    Look, but NEVER touch! These beautifully patterned fish are sporting a feathery secret weapon - their dorsal fin. When a lionfish feels threatened, it will turn its body sideways, administering a lethal jab from its needle-sharp spines that can cause painful wounds that can lead to convulsions, paralysis and possibly even death to humans.

  4. Moray Eel
    Maybe not pretty, per se, but these morays are actually the prettiest shade of green. But as pretty-ish that they look, these predators get their ferocious title from continually exposing their mouth and teeth. And while this isn't really a hostile action (it's simply how they breathe), morays still have freakishly strong jaws with a vice-like grip.

  5. Barracuda
    Oooo, Barracuda. Yes these guys have razor like teeth and yes they are known to attack humans, but did you know that they are actually more dangerous if you ingest them? Seriously. Ingesting barracuda is considerably more harmful to humans than eating any other fish species. Note: We DO NOT suggest that you test this fact.

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