Introducing the SeaWorld Action Team

Since we first launched the SeaWorld Truth Team, our members have helped share our passion for the animals in our care and those we help protect in the wild.  They’ve been vital in growing our community of online supporters – people like us, who are committed to and love animals and their natural world.

Over the years, we’ve celebrated animal rescues and returns, been inspired by groundbreaking research that may help save a species, and together enjoyed sharing those incredible moments that come from the up-close animal encounters that make SeaWorld such a special place.

And now, as we move in to an exciting new era for SeaWorld, we see new and expanded opportunities for our Truth Team.

Introducing the SeaWorld Action Team.

Comprised of members of the Truth Team, as well as supporters, partners, animal trainers, conservationists and others from across the globe, the SeaWorld Action Team is a network of people who take action to protect animals, conserve the places they live, and care for the wild wonders of our planet.

As SeaWorld continues to increase its rescue and rehabilitation efforts, as well as its global conservation initiatives, the SeaWorld Action Team will be on the front lines of these programs - from spreading the news about the latest animal rescues or research projects to writing your legislator and encouraging action on species and habitat conservation and advocacy for zoos and aquariums.

If you're not already part of the SeaWorld Action Team, be sure to sign up BELOW for the Action Team weekly emails to start taking action immediately.