Malia is one of the most playful and athletic orcas in the SeaWorld Orlando pod, and every day I spend as her trainer is incredibly rewarding.

Malia is very inquisitive and finds learning new behaviors enjoyable. Her curiosity never fades, so part of our daily interaction involves creating new ways to engage her mentally and physically.

Malia’s favorite toy is a giant floating hourglass-shaped bobbin. She pushes it, sinks it and puts it into places in her pool to see if it will stay.

Fun fact, I recently discovered that she seems to enjoy harmonica music! The first time she heard it, she came to me and stayed to “listen” for a long while.

She also loves “melon bumping” with companion Nalani – a playful term we use as trainers to describe when some whales slowly swim by each other and gently bump “melons” (what we would call our forehead).

Malia was born to Taima at SeaWorld Orlando on March 12, 2007. When Malia was three years old and fully weaned, her mother passed away as a process of giving birth. Today, Malia is healthy and thriving as part of the SeaWorld Orlando pod.

-Tanner, Senior 1 Animal Trainer

Quick Facts

  • Born: March of 2007
  • Female
  • Weighs 3,340 pounds
  • Measures 13 feet long
  • Distinguishing Physical Characteristics: her small eye patches make her easy to identify.
  • Research involved in: hormone levels/relationships in fecal and blood, and morphometric analysis-measurements, weight, photography and video for several research projects.

Tanner, Senior 1 Animal Trainer


I began animal training in 2003 and joined SeaWorld in 2005. My passion for animals truly began when I started volunteering at the New England Aquarium in high school.