Tuar still loves to play – a lot.

In fact, he has a special affinity for enrichment devices with a strap he can use to twirl around in the water. As a 7,000-pound “kid,” it isn’t surprising that one of his favorite activities seems to be playfully “taunting” Sakari and Kamea, two of the youngest whales of the pod, by swimming around with a strap toy in his mouth and winding it around himself when they come near.

Tuar often solicits attention from me and the other trainers by posing and wiggling his tongue from side to side. But if you don’t catch him doing that, you can best identify Tuar by the freckle on his right eye patch. And although it’s somewhat obscure, he has a unique dimple near his blow hole, which he’s had since birth.

Born at SeaWorld Orlando to Kalina and sired by Tilikum, Tuar came to SeaWorld San Antonio in 2004 after being fully weaned and independent from his mother. Having lived in San Antonio for more than a decade, he is an integral member of the pod and his playful nature always has me laughing.

-Caitlin, Senior Trainer

Quick Facts

  • Born: June of 1999
  • Male
  • Weighs 7,000 pounds
  • Measures over 19 feet
  • Distinguishing Physical Characteristics: Tuar has a black dot within the white of his right eye patch
  • Research involved in: hearing, circadian and cortisol studies

Caitlin, Senior Trainer


I began my career in animal training at Sea World in 2009. Before SeaWorld, I was a competitive swimmer in college and even went to the 2008 Olympic trials!