On Sept. 23, 1988, Orkid became the first killer whale (also known as Orcinus orca or “orca”) to be born at SeaWorld San Diego.

Orkid is known as the puzzle solver and every day she impresses us with her intelligence by learning new and difficult behaviors very quickly. She enjoys interacting with her trainers and loves to learn. We are always continuing to challenge Orkid with new and fun behaviors. She excels with pairing multiple behaviors, which means she can do multiple behaviors at once.

Throughout the day, you can find Orkid interacting with her trainers and the other whales. She loves ice cubes and especially snowballs. At 28 years old, Orkid is 19 feet long and weighs 6,000 pounds! The next time you’re at SeaWorld San Diego, try to spot Orkid. You can tell her apart from the other whales of the pod by her perfect fusiform body shape and her big, round eyes.

-Connor, Senior 1 Animal Trainer

Quick Facts

  • Born: September of 1988
  • Female
  • Weighs 6,000 pounds
  • Measures 19 feet long
  • Distinguishing Physical Characteristics: her big, round eyes make her easy to recognize
  • Research involved in: audiogram (hearing) study, photographic assessment of body shape changes study, breath sampling (CO/CO2) study

Connor, Senior 1 Animal Trainer


I began my career with animals at SeaWorld Orlando and have worked with exotic birds, bottlenose dolphins, false killer whales and a variety of small mammals, even Wolves! Now I am fortunate to be a killer whale trainer at SeaWorld San Diego.