Protecting Sharks and our Oceans with World Renowned Marine Artist and Conservationist, Guy Harvey

As long time fans of Guy Harvey, we are proud to be joining forces to protect the world’s oceans and one of the most critical predators in them – the shark.  Through joint research projects, we’ll increase scientific understanding of the issues facing these incredible fish and their habitats.  Through our vast consumer platforms, we’ll encourage our guests and fans to take action and join us in helping clean our oceans and ensure sharks are with us for generations to come. 

Research indicates upwards of 100 million sharks are killed every year in the global shark fishery. The Guy Harvey Research Institute estimates that up to 73 million sharks per year are killed for the fin trade alone. 

In April 2016, members of our animal care team joined a Guy Harvey Research Institute shark-tagging expedition off the coast of Mexico, tagging six Mako sharks over the course of four days. Those tagged sharks will be followed by students and researchers at Guy Harvey’s Institute at Nova Southeastern University, and can be viewed by the public online at

In addition to the science and research efforts, we will also work together to increase public awareness about ocean health and the need for shark conservation. Our Orlando roller coaster, Mako, will be a major platform for this effort. In the ride’s queue lines, guests are  educated and entertained through digital platforms that provide access the real science of sharks in the wild and ways they can help protect them.  And, Guy Harvey himself is the host!

Elsewhere in the realm guests have access to real-time shark tracking and videos from Guy Harvey’s vast library of compelling and visually stunning shark expeditions. Interactive materials share information about shark conservation and ways to get involved.

Guy’s world-renowned artwork is on full display at our park and in our shops. In an amazing three days, he painted a signature 16x24 foot Mako mural in the Shark Wreck Reef realm at SeaWorld Orlando. He has also commissioned an array of exclusive paintings and apparel, and a portion of those proceeds go directly to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.