Graceful, intelligent and athletic are just a few words I use to describe Kayla.

She is the largest female killer whale at SeaWorld Orlando, weighing a whopping 5,600 pounds and measuring 19 feet long.

If you’ve had the chance to see Kayla participate in a show, I guarantee you remember the experience. Kayla excels at athletic, aerial behaviors, and it’s something she loves to participate in. Kayla’s energetic displays are not only during our One Ocean show, though. When she isn’t playing with her favorite red dome or eating ice by the bucket-load (one of her favorite activities), she responds very well to learning new behaviors, which always makes her a joy to interact with.

Kayla was born Nov. 26, 1988 at SeaWorld San Antonio and also lived at SeaWorld Ohio before coming to Orlando in 2006. Kayla has been a wonderful and diverse addition to the SeaWorld Orlando pod, and it seems like her bond with me and the other orcas in Orlando grows stronger every day.

We know it can be hard for visitors to tell our animals apart, so the next time you’re at SeaWorld Orlando, look for the whale with a freckle on her lower right jawline. And, of course, her immense size should make her easy to spot.

– Morgan, Senior Animal Trainer

Quick Facts

  • Born: November of 1988
  • Female
  • Weighs 5,600 pounds
  • Measures 19 feet long
  • Distinguishing Physical Characteristics: guests can recognize her by the freckle on her lower right jawline
  • Research involved in: hormone levels/relationships in fecal and blood, and morphometric analysis-measurements, weight, photography and video for several research projects

Morgan, Senior Animal Trainer


Like so many kids, I was inspired by watching a Shamu Show and decided at that moment I wanted to be an animal trainer. I joined the animal training team at SeaWorld in 2010!